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  • Nopirkšu nolietotu elektroniku, tukšo stikla taru.

    Nopirkšu nolietotu elektroniku, tukšo stikla taru. Cenu sarakstu var lejupielādēt augstāk.

  • Avide ABMG27WW-6.5W

    Slightly more efficient than your average bulb 🙂 It is still running quite hot like the cheap bulbs cause is tiny compared to a standard bulb. It pays off in a year compared to widely available F-class bulbs (calculated at 12h a day on 0.15€/kWh)1.99€ – If you are interested WhatsUp +371 26674178

  • Compressing images 🙂

    Tired of slow syncing speed on services like OneDrive? Running out of space and don’t feel like buying more storage? If so you came to the right place. Switch your camera to record in .HEIC image format if it supports it and you ain’t shooting RAW. Chances are you have a collection of legacy JPG…

  • Remote access for Linux (Debian based) system

    If you must use SSH externally: Change the SSH port number to 6111:

  • Remote access for Windows system

    If you must use RDP externally: EvlWatcher can be configured by editing the config file. Default config is: Lockout time 3600 (an hour)trigger count 5 (number of failed logins), Permanent ban 3 temp bans. has a solution for RDP MFA. Guide